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Sweet Nothings

I want to write before I go to sleep tonight. I want to write to tell him how frustrated he makes me. I want to write to tell myself that I’m strong enough without him. I want to write to ask myself why I’m still around him.


So many deadly forms.

People. Drugs. Music. Alcohol. Painting. Writing. Smoking. Dancing. Cutting. Eating.

I’ve danced with my own demons and everyone has and nobody has the same track record. I’m not saying that I’ve done everything or anything on that brief list but nobody is perfect.

I’m going to go to sleep hopefully and wake up refreshed and spend my day in the studio proudly doing the work that I love.

I’m happy with the stage of life that I am in and happy with who I have now chosen to surround myself with. I’m happy that I’m finding ways to not be so lonely now that I’m living on my own. I’m happy that he’s still in my life and that she isn’t (and isn’t it so confusing how life works out like that?).

Sweet dreams, sweet nothings, sweet lullabies and sweet love.

All yours and all mine, 



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