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Shivering Spines (and drunken ramblings)

There’s solace in spinning and there’s solace in stillness and there’s solace in speaking and also not speaking and there’s solace in you.
Wherever you are.
I pray that I find you in this lifetime.
I miss you, so much.
I can’t wait to meet this version of you. ‘Cause I’ve known you before.
The wait is worth it.
Torturous, But necessary,

Because it will be 10x more enticing when we finally do.

But please. Take pity on me.
I can’t wait to meet you.

To know that we have plans without making plans.
To know I am to wake up with your body in the same bed as mine.
I know that you’re out there.

And I’m fine until we do become one. I’m making art and living.
But your existence excites my core.
Excites my soul and my perspective on life.

Don’t go easy on me.
I’ve so much love bottled up and it’s waiting for you.
Take pity on me, and help me find you.
I miss you, so much.
I’m so excited to crash into you.

All mine and all yours, 

Midnight Pulse


I’m Not Your Hero

I’ve just been thinking that I’ve been thinking too much lately.

If I could empty my head of these thoughts and lay them out several massive gymnasiums would be necessary.


They may be entertaining, but lately a large mesh of dark and colours would be evident. My brain seems to be doing it’s own thang. And that means that my thoughts are all jumpity. Yeah.

Hope your Tuesday has been hopeful.

Tegan and Sara are my buddies for the week I think. They’re helping me a lot.

I should go paint.

All yours and all mine, 


I have a mission for you, go do something FANCY. Anything. Then write it down somewhere (Facebook doesn’t count. Don’t post it on Facebook) and then tell 2 people. Then go do something fancy with them.

Who am I to dare you?

I’m MidnightPulse. Many call me Joy.

Just don’t call me too late.

PS: If you really (by you I mean anyone reading this) do anything by your own definition of ‘fancy’ (any meaning you want, seriously, be creative-or not-fancy can be NOT taking out the trash if you’re  a neat person or doing it if you are – seriously guys the bar couldn’t be any lower just do SOMETHING) TELL ME ABOUT IT AND DARE ME BACK. OKAY? OKAY. Pictures are also welcome. Very much welcome. Very. Much. 

Steaming Cup O’ Tea

Everything is different now. I’m different. My life is different. My dreams are different. 

Except that they’re not. And I don’t understand how that’s possible. Maybe my perspectives and .. something else changed but  everything else is the same but because of that one change everything else appears to be different and it appears to be a chaotic, messy, slimy, hurtful mess that makes me want to run. But it’s okay, because it’s only the way that I’m looking at things. 

So if I were to calm down, that would make sense. If I were to calm down and take life for what it is and look at the daunting tasks of what I have to  do as simply a TO-DO LIST, then maybe things will calm down. Because life isn’t chaotic, I just think it’s chaotic. 




Okay, well that makes sense to me. Does it make sense to you? Hmmm. 

I need to spend more time laying down. The floor is a brilliant place to lie down but I don’t think that I lay there enough and just let my flesh melt into that floor as it comes up to support and meet me. Maybe from there life won’t seem so menacing, at least that’s what I’m hoping. 

Picture some candles lit around you as you lay down (no where near your gorgeous hair, don’t worry) and your favourite scent is surrounding you. Your dream tea is steaming not too far away and you can see your negative thoughts being pulled out and thrown out the window into a pit. How wonderful does that sound? So wonderful. 

I get sick to my stomach with grief of tasks sometimes. So sick with worry and nerves. I’m strong, but I lose myself in those moments. I wish that I had a map by now.

I’m going to go read now, I’ve been doing a beautiful amount of reading lately. 

All yours and all mine, 





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