Shaking Trees

There’s more that this.
There’s more than that.
There’s more than everything.

I see that looking back it was something, but it wasn’t everything.
A thing that was more than I believed.
More than I believed because I didn’t want to be alone.

I know that I’m still searching, and I’m alone.
But not as alone as I was when you found me and I ran to you.

It’s different and I’m different.
I’m whole but it’s not because of you.
It’s because I found myself when I lost you and now I’m free.
I’m freer than I ever have been.

I feel free to search for that magic, free to search where I’m meant to be.
It’s all just transport till you have that pull and the pull that pulls you over the edge and that’s okay
Because you look to your side and there they are holding your hand whispering sweet nothings
Except they aren’t sweet nothings.
They’re promises of warmth and love and comfort and life.
And we’re terrified but it’s worth it because. 
We know we fit. 

To my person I haven’t met yet, 
I hope that you’re smiling and that the sky is blue for you even when it’s not and that you smile a least once today, even if it’s for something small. I miss you. I can’t wait to meet you. 

I pick myself up, 

I dust myself off. 

I start all over again … 

All mine and all yours, 



About midnightpulse

I'm drunk off books, stumbling into new worlds constantly. I'm addicted to books, words, art and theatre. My inspiration comes from the moon, life, those I love and the water. I've been told I need rehab. More than once. Call me Joy. [[Pictures posted are not mine unless I state so. Most are found online and I take no credit for]] View all posts by midnightpulse

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