My Personal Hurricane

There’s a lot going on. And by a lot going on I mean that there’s nothing going on which makes my brain spin. I’m spinning out of control about life and feeling kind of lost. 

And I guess that’s normal. But I’m sick of .. this. It makes me feel bipolar. I feel whole. I feel empty. I’m caught up in a book. I feel lovely and the sun is shining but I pull myself down and become surrounded by my demons of what I’m suppose to be and who I thought I was. 

When I go back to school, I think I’m going to get some counselling. Maybe. 

I’m spinning, unravelling and  winding up all at once and it’s terrifying. Happy to sad, willing to disabled, self love to self hatred. 

Leave me alone. Let me be. 

Please stay. 

All mine and all yours, 



About midnightpulse

I'm drunk off books, stumbling into new worlds constantly. I'm addicted to books, words, art and theatre. My inspiration comes from the moon, life, those I love and the water. I've been told I need rehab. More than once. Call me Joy. [[Pictures posted are not mine unless I state so. Most are found online and I take no credit for]] View all posts by midnightpulse

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