Kiss That Boo-Boo Better

Happy Easter every bunny! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend.

I know I know that I haven’t posted in over a week but I’ve actually been getting stuff done … Mostly. Book reviews are going to have to wait, I know you’re all so terribly heart broken about that. Here’s what I recommend , go to your mama or your pet or someone and get them to kiss that big ol’ boo-boo better and that mean ol’ Midnight Pulse didn’t keep her promise. Sorry folks they’ve been post poned indefinitely , God I hate that word, and I’ll get them up when I have a chance 🙂
We’ve started designing the Drama Sweaters so I hope to goodness that somebody is tracking down a unicorn and the red power ranger ;).
How have you been ? Tell me about one good thing in your day and I’ll share mine. I like hearing from people (I swear I’m no pedo…). Which is slightly suckish cause blogs arent about being read, they’re about being written.

“If music be the food of love, play on…” Twelfth Night,Shakespeare

Sorry about this messy update, I’m doing it on my phone and its my first time (yn)



About midnightpulse

I'm drunk off books, stumbling into new worlds constantly. I'm addicted to books, words, art and theatre. My inspiration comes from the moon, life, those I love and the water. I've been told I need rehab. More than once. Call me Joy. [[Pictures posted are not mine unless I state so. Most are found online and I take no credit for]] View all posts by midnightpulse

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