How AWESOME is this?

So, I’ve been totally dead this week (my gosh, it’s only Wednesday!). And have been trying to desperately catch up on work. It’s not working out very well though. I’m stressing myself out waiting to hear from my post secondary top choice for next year but blah that’s boring.

My drama department at school is finally getting up hoodies, and when I was told this I seriously nearly fainted. I’ve wanted one since my freshman year and I’m so glad that my senior year I’m getting one! It’s going to have the drama masks on the back and everywhere I go I’m just going to be walking backwards an shouting “LOOK AT MY BACK! DO YOU SEE THIS? HOW AWESOME IS THIS??” I’m going to feel totally kick ass. I’ll totally have so much confidence walking down the hallways – no, everywhere- and feel so cool. I’ve never felt cool before, so this is a big deal for me. And no, I’m not ashamed at all of this.

Book reviews on the weekend, I swear. Seriously. Quote me on this! I just need time to…and I don’t have time to…right now… 🙂

Maybe you’re thinking “Gee golly Joy, I wish I could be as cool as you when you get your drama sweater!” I know guys, it’s going to be hard to top it, but relax. The only way to get on this level would be to be go find yourself a unicorn. That’s right. Or the red power ranger. I should have my sweater within the next month…so you might want to get on that, right away. Then send me pictures. (Please, I’m lonely). I’ll post a pick when we get them so you can all bask in it’s glow. REMEMBER: REAL LIFE UNICORN OR THE RED POWER RANGER. Go. Now.

“O! she doth teach the torches to burn bright.” Romeo and Julliet 

(This is about me, in my kick ass new sweater.Sorry guys, this is pretty much the most exciting thing in my life right now…)

Why is there always a penguin following me? Anybody else have this problem? Can’t be just me.



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