Widgets, Delayed Reviews and Shakespeare. How entertaining am I? *wink*

Howdy, ya’ll! Lame, I know. But hey, it’s my blog. MY FIRST BLOG. I still feel quite badass. It might take a while for that feeling to wear off. Sorry everyone. I just spent a good 10 minutes organizing the layout of my widgets over         <<< there. So appreciate it. Please? 🙂 I’m going to start my reading/review thing soon, starting with the last two books that I’ve read and continuing onward. And then during dry spells I’ll do some of my good ol’ favourites. Sounds like a plan, yea?

I’ve totally been neglecting my homework because of this damn blog and getting it ready to use (I apologize blog, you know I love you). And have henceforth made my chance at graduating in 3 months dwindle a little. I really need to get focused again. But that’s just sooo hard… especially after sugar. Mmm…sugar rush…

I feel like I’m introducing myself to somebody new with these first couple posts so please bare with me, I’ll start talking about interesting stuff SOON. Follow me? I’ll totally follow you back. I mean on here, not on Twitter. I totally put that app there for my own amusement, not to get followers.

What else to say? OH YEAH, SHAKESPEARE. I’m in love. I’m going to try to post at least one quote a day by him depicting my mood and hopefully that will attract some more fellow nerd-loving-Shakespeare-freaks-like-me to me 😀 Yay. Awesome.

“Hereditary sloth instructs me.” The Tempest 




About midnightpulse

I'm drunk off books, stumbling into new worlds constantly. I'm addicted to books, words, art and theatre. My inspiration comes from the moon, life, those I love and the water. I've been told I need rehab. More than once. Call me Joy. [[Pictures posted are not mine unless I state so. Most are found online and I take no credit for]] View all posts by midnightpulse

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